The BRITE Initiative aims to bring together governments, business leaders, civil society organizations, under 25s and their communities in building a bright human future in Afghanistan and the region. The BRITE Initiative focuses on educational opportunities for women and girls given their historical exclusion, particularly in STEAM fields. We do this by organizing and particiatiping in exhibitions, conferences and media to spotlight the accompliments of women and girls in the STEAM fields.

The inaugural BRITE Initiative event was held in DOHA, March 2022. The event featured an exhibition of the work of the Afghan Girls Robotics team, followed up with an all-female multi-stakeholder panel discussion regarding the future of education in Afghanistan. 

BRITE advocates for high-quality STEAM educational opportunities serving women and girls. Communities that limit educational access limit themselves; undermining their economic, social and civil development. In showcasing a BRITE future, we highlight how the talents of everyone are valuable and needed — that communities committed to supporting and developing the deepest and most inclusive talent pool unlock greater opportunity and prosperity. BRITE aims to help communities recognize these benefits through exhibitions, media, and outreach. We believe that such recognition is a necessary foundation for inclusive policies and programs.

Visit the BRITE website to learn more.

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