The DCF scholarship fund, was established in August 2021, during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Digital Citizen Fund, recognizing the potential instability in the region, proactively sought opportunities to ensure the continued education of the Afghan Girls Robotics Team abroad. The initial phase of the scholarship fund was supported collaboratively by the Qatar government, the Qatar Foundation, and the Qatar Fund for Development.

This collaboration enabled the relocation of nine Afghan Girls Robotics Team members to Doha, Qatar. In Doha, team members could continue their undergraduate education at the prestigious institutions within Education City, supported by the Qatar Foundation and the Qatar Fund for Development.

In August 2022, the scope of this support expanded to include ten additional students from Kabul. These students were also relocated to Doha, ensuring the continuity of their educational pursuits in Qatar. In addition, the first group of scholarship recipients, who initially arrived to complete their high school education in Education City, were awarded further scholarships by the Qatar Foundation and the Qatar Fund for Development. These scholarships facilitated their transition to universities in the United States, Canada, and other locations.

The next round of scholarships will be granted to a global, geographically diverse set of applicants in cooperation with an expanding network of institutions. These scholarships will reflect a broad range of applications, accommodating a variety of educational needs, circumstances, and aspirations. Recipients may utilize the funds not only for traditional degree programs but also for non-degree STEAM courses, covering a wide array of subjects ranging from science and technology to arts and mathematics. In addition to tuition fees, the scholarships can be applied towards essential educational expenses such as textbooks, specialized equipment, and to offset the cost of living for students in need of financial support to focus on their studies. This flexibility ensures that each scholarship recipient can tailor the use of funds to best suit their individual educational journey and career goals.

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