Conferences & Exhibitions

2023 Doha Forum

Digital Citizen Fund Founder and Executive Director, Roya Mahboob spoke at theDoha Forum 2023 and the Afghan Women’s Conference ‘International Conference onAfghan Women’s Education’, alongside key stakeholders for the resolution of theAfghan girls’ education crisis, emphasizing the need of unrestricted access for Afghangirls to education.

2023 Fifth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5)

The exhibition at the Fifth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries(LDC5) held in Doha, Qatar, was a momentous event that showcased the incredibleachievements of Afghan Dreamers. Digital Citizen Fund brought together a collectionof robots built by our talented students, serving as a powerful symbol of theimportance of education for girls in Afghanistan.

2022 BRITE Exhibition

In March 2022, the Digital Citizen Fund launched the BRITE exhibition in partnership with the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Qatar Development Fund at the Doha Forum. The exhibition featured the works of the Afghan Girls Robotics team.

The exhibition was a call to the international community to support inclusive educational opportunities in Afghanistan, so the talents of everyone are realized.

Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Conference

In 2018, we held the first Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Conference, a two-day conference in Herat, Afghanistan, where young female entrepreneurs, students of DCF's programs, had the chance to showcase their business ideas and products to local leaders, potential partners, and members of their communities. 

 2nd Technology, Innovation, Art and Entrepreneurship (TIAE)

In 2019, we held the Second Technology, Innovation, Art and Entrepreneurship (TIAE) Conference for a one-day conference and exhibition in Herat, Afghanistan. The TIAE Conference's goal was to encourage and inspire young Afghan women to develop their entrepreneurial ideas through the positive exposure of their budding businesses to leading professionals. The women gained experience by pitching business ideas and learning how to improve or further flesh out their concepts. In a nation where women already face technological and educational obstacles to enter the global economy, this was an incredible opportunity to expand their networks and get ahead.

Exhibition of Afghan Girls Robotic's Achievement in Herat

In the summer of 2020, we unveiled the new achievements of #theAfghanDreamers to help fight off #COVID19 at a ceremony and exhibition  in Herat and Kabul. The Afghan Girls Robotics team successfully developed an automated bag valve mask (BVM) device, UV- disinfection Robot, UV Sterilizer scanners and online games during the past three months.

The Afghan Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Deputy of Ministry of Health, Deputy of Ministry of Education, UNICEF Representative in Afghanistan, Parliament representatives, private sector, and civil society participated in the conference and exhibition. 

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