Three years ago, with the Neuberger Berman Foundation's help, Digital Citizen Fund started a financial literacy program. Our curriculum was designed to help the young women learn how to handle finances and manage money for business and home life. The Neuberger Berman Foundation has broadly supported the work of our financial literacy program. Because of their support, women are learning how to help themselves. For many, this is a dream come true. Once a woman's only possible future was to marry and stay at home, now women and girls are finding the opportunities to dream bigger dreams and reach for the stars in whatever they believe they can do. Their work ethic drives them to succeed, but education and technology are the keys to unlocking their futures.

The four levels of our curriculum take women from home life to entrepreneurs. To date, we have helped over 100women start their own business. They have applied the technology skills they learned with Digital Citizen Fund to industries that include agriculture, food, fashion, handcraft, and robotics/games. These women are successful because they have always had the potential to be so. Digital Citizen Fund is proud to partner with Neuberger Berman Foundation to help train these women to reach their full potential.

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