Part of the mission of the Digital Citizen Fund is to provide technology and education to women and girls in countries where few opportunities exist. In an effort to reach this goal, in January of 2017 we started providing a STEM program to a group of 7 students. The original group has grown to 50 members. These young women are developing and implementing their talents and skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They are helping Afghanistan take the first steps toward a brighter future.

Our robotics team, which has successfully competed in Washington D.C and Estonia, is one example of what we can achieve when we work together to train women and encourage them in their dreams. Men vastly out number women in STEM jobs all over the world. The young women in our programs have the potential to change these odds.


•  Afghan Dreamers Team received an award in Humanity in AI by Inspire Mind in World Summit AI

• Afghan Dreamers Team won the second model for their courage achievement in First Global in Washington, DC.

• Afghan Dreamers Team received an award in Permission to Dream in Raw Film Festival

• Afghan Dreamers Team won the Conrad innovation challenge in Raw Film Festival

• Afghan Robotics Team won the Rookie All Start in District Championship in Canada

•  Afghan Dreamers Team won inspiring in Engineering award in FIRST  Detroit World Championship 

• Afghan Dreamers Team won the Asia Game Changer 2018

• Afghan Dreamers Team won the Asia Game Changer of California 2019

• Afghan Dreamers Team won the Safety award in FIRST Global in Dubai 2019

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