The Digital Citizen Fund's Emergency Assistance Program has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing timely and effective assistance to those affected by crises, with a focus on the most vulnerable communities. Over the past year, our emergency relief program has been instrumental in offering comprehensive support during crises. Key aspects of our efforts include:

Evacuation Assistance: We provided aid to 51 Afghans in Pakistan, including accommodation and visa support. Scholarships were offered in fields such as Electronics, Robotics, and English. Additionally, we played a crucial role in securing 12 P1 visas for Afghan Dreamers, facilitating their relocation to the USA.

Earthquake Relief Efforts: In response to earthquakes in Turkey and Herat, Afghanistan, we collaborated with local communities to distribute essential supplies, such as medicine and food. We supported 280 families in Herat by providing them with food packages.

Emergency Humanitarian Relief: Our program focused on assisting 400 families across various regions of Afghanistan, including Kabul, Herat, and Nimroz. We offered targeted assistance in the form of food packages or cash, particularly to families led by women.


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