About Us.

Building Resilience through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Digital Citizen Fund (DCF) 's mission is to support women and girls in gaining access to technology and education to obtain the skills they need to achieve financial independence. 

DCF was founded by Roya Mahboob to build the female entrepreneurs of the future in her home country, Afghanistan. DCF has nearly a decade of experience in delivering effective digital and financial literacy training programs. Their classes have built the abilities of tens of thousands of girls in Afghanistan – and have contributed to a culture of hope and aspiration. These girls are changing culture and expectations in their communities, where entrenched cultural views are barriers to women working outside the home. Breaking gender stereotypes is not only individually beneficial, it’s vital to Afghanistan’s future. 27.5 million Afghans are under 25 – half the country’s population. To meet their aspirations, build resilience and to avoid repeating the tragedies of the past, the economy needs to be ready to embrace them. 

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