Afghan Dreamers and Cornell Cup Robotics

Digital Citizen Fund (DCF) is pleased to announce a new partnership between the Afghan Girls Robotics Team (the “Afghan Dreamers” founded by DCF in 2017) and Cornell University Systems Engineering's Cornell Cup Robotics Team.

The Cornell Cup Robotics has invited the DCF team to build part of a Star Wars inspired “astromech” lab assistant and "spokes-droid" to present at the Arm Developer's Summit (formerly TechCon), scheduled for Fall 2022. Cornell students will mentor and collaborate with the Afghan Dreamers in developing unique features for the robot known as "C1C0."

We are grateful for the support of Cornell’s Director of MEng Studies in Systems Engineering, Dr. David R. Schneider, and his student teams. Their participation demonstrates what is possible when young people connect, learn, and work together. DCF believes the future belongs to those that invest in common understandings which are technical, creative, and practical in nature.

Given Afghanistan, and the entire planet, are facing many challenges, we cannot afford to squander talent. Great ideas emerge from unlikely places where new energies and perspectives are essential. For this reason, bringing together young people from Cornell and Afghanistan matches strength with strength. We are excited for all involved and what this means for our shared future.


About the Afghan Dreamers

The DCF provides access to technology and education for women and girls, with a focus on countries where few opportunities currently exist. The DCF robotics team evolved out of a STEM program with an enrollment of 7 students in January of 2017. The group has since grown to 50 members, becoming known internationally as the “Afghan Dreamers.” 

The young women participating in DCF programs develop a scientific, technical, and creative problem-solving skillset that connects them to the world while realizing their individual talents. They represent a first step to realizing a massive resource of talent, which is mostly unrealized in every country, in different ways.

About Cornell Cup Robotics

Cornell Cup Robotics is a student-run organization at Cornell University that designs, manufactures, and creates innovative robotics-oriented projects. Over 70 Cornell students work to create dynamic projects that bolster the ingenuity of embedded technologies. Since 2010, our projects have been showcased at many conferences, and we have received support from numerous robotics and technology companies.

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